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In This Issue . . .

 ·   Patton Wins "Best of Show" at CERF 2002

 ·   Doug Hill to Lead European Operation

  Tech Notes
    ·   RAS: Non-Facility Associated Signaling

    ·   RAS: Working with RAS SNMP OIDs

Patton Wins "Best of Show" at CERF 2002

Excerpt: "3 May 2002, GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- Patton Electronics Company wins "Best of Show" award at the Computers and Electronics Romanian Fair (CERF) 2002 for the Model 2158 CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extender. “It is with great pleasure that we accept the CERF 'Best of Show' award for our Model 2158 CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extender’ said Bob Thompson, Product Manager for Patton’s Micro Products Division.  "We truly consider it a great honor, because the award acknowledges our simple, cost-effective solution...  And it comes at a great time, coinciding with our recent price decrease for the Model 2158 and the release of our new multi-rate version, the Model 2168," said Mr. Thompson. 

Please visit CERF 2002 "Best of Show" Press Release for details.

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Doug Hill to Lead Patton's European Operation Press Release

Excerpt: 13 May 2002, GAITHERSBURG, Maryland -- Today, Glen Douglas Hill joins Patton Electronics Company as Director Of European Market Development. Mr. Hill will take over all aspects of Patton's sales, market, business development, and channel management activities in Europe . . . "Doug has contributed significantly to the product and marketing strategies of key industry players," said Robert R. Patton, Patton's president and CEO.

Please visit: Doug Hill Press Release to read the full press release. 

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Patton Tech Notes

Non-Facility Associated Signaling

Hot off the press! The latest Tech Note from Patton Technical Services explains how to configure NFAS groups on the Patton 29XX Series of RAS products. Two examples are given with the correct values for line signaling parameters:

    1) Two NFAS groups of 2 members each, and
    2) One NFAS group containing 3 PRIs.

Please visit: Patton Tech Notes to view this Tech Note on Patton's online Information Base.

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Working with SNMP OIDs for Patton RAS Products

This recent Tech Note explains how to build Object Identifiers (OIDs) for SNMP manageable elements of Patton RAS products. The printable, downloadable PDF shows a high-level diagram of Patton's enterprise management information base (MIB), and provides examples for two MIB objects with step-by-step procedures.

Please visit: Patton Tech Notes to view this Tech Note on Patton's online Information Base.

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