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ISP Slashes Monthly Telco Costs
Wide Area Ethernet Solutions
Ethernet Extender Discounts
Announcing V.92!
4-Port T1/E1 DACS
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16 September 2002

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  Application Success Story

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Key Benefits for ISPs

  ·   Recurring Monthly Savings
      Go Right to Your Bottom Line

  ·   Convenient POTS Connection
      Allows Concurrent Voice/Data Services

  ·   Quick & Easy Installation
      Just Set Your Line Rate and Go!

  ·   Switch-Selectable Line-Rate
      Allows Integration Into Your Environment

  ·   Reliable High Speed Connections
      Up to 16.67 Mbps

  ·   Cost-effective Point-to-Point Solution
      No Concentrator Required

Attention Internet Service Providers . . .
Patton VDSL Modems Slash Operating Expenses

Between modest revenues, and less than modest operating costs, profitability can be a challenging target for ISPs. Controlling expenses--such as leased lines from Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs)-- 

"The recurring monthly savings are unbelievable ... Patton provided the bandwidth I needed at a fantastic price."

- Bill Beaudet, VP
Glory Road Internet Services

lies in the critical path for survival.

The Problem

Links between their NOC and the Central Office were costing Glory Road Internet Services (GR) $1,410 per month, taking a painful bite out of their bottom line. Beaudet wanted co-location but vendor solutions weren't delivering . . .

The Numbers

Before Patton
Recurring Monthly Expenses: $1,410

Patton Solution
Recoverable One-Time Expenses:   $2,140
Recurring Monthly Expenses:         $   430
Saved recurring monthly expenses: $   979/month
Time to recoup one-time expenses: 2.2 months

First Year Net Gain:                     $  9,608
Subsequent Annual Net Gain: $11,748

The Solution

Deploying two pairs of Patton 1068 VDSL Modems enabled Glory Road to .  .  .

Get the complete
Application Success Story (PDF)

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What's HOT?
Wide Area Ethernet!

Patton's LAN Extenders Make Ethernet the New Standard in Wide Area Networking

HIGH SPEED (16 Mbps) Ethernet Extension

  • Operates Over One Twisted Pair
  • Auto-sensing 10 or 100Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Auto-sensing Full or Half Duplex Ethernet
  • Plug-and-play Operation
  • Configurable Line Rates up to 16 Mbps






Get The Full Scoop on CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extenders!

CopperLink Ethernet Extension: Patton’s Ethernet ANYwhere Copper Solutions

This presentation tells you everything you always wanted to know about Ethernet extension but were afraid to ask. Here is the tool you need to present Patton's award-winning CopperLinkTM solutions to your customers. Now, you can download the FREE presentation from Patton's Web site.

To view a product web page, CLICK the model number in the table above.

CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extension Presentation (PDF)

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Patton Partnership Benefit:
Discounts on CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extenders

Now that you've joined the team, cash in on your benefits!

September's Patton Partner promotion features the red hot Models 2158 and 2168 CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extenders! Now through 31 October, registered Partners get great discounts on two of Patton's hottest-selling solutions!

Partners should contact your Patton authorized representative for your your available discount levels and promotion code.

For more information on these popular Patton products, contact your Patton representative, or visit the links below:
Model 2158 CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extenders
Model 2168 Multi-Rate CopperLinkTM Ethernet Extenders

Not a registered Partner? Don’t miss out on your valuable savings! Join the team today!

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Announcing V.92!
Releases V.92 Software for RAS Products

9 September 2002, Gaithersburg, MD -- Today, Patton released the fully-tested commercial version of V.92 software for their models  2960, 2996, and 3120 Remote Access Servers (RAS). Now Patton RAS customers can offer V.92 features to new and existing subscribers with a simple, free software download. Patton's V.92 implementation includes improved modem compatibility as well as four key features:

  ·   Quick Connect    :    Get Online Faster
  ·   Modem On Hold    :   Get a Second Line Without the Cost
  ·   PCM Upstream    :   Faster Up-Links to the Net (up to 48 Kbps)
  ·   V.44 Compression     :   Get Higher Compression Rates with any V.90 or V.92 Capable Modem.

For more detailed information about V.92 from Patton, please visit:

Read the Release Notes. Get the Software

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Product News

Patton Announces NEW! 4-Port T1/E1 DACS
Patton's Model 2604 Packs a 124 Channel Cross-Connect, Multiplexer, and T1/E1 Converter Into a Single 1U Chassis!

2604 Product Announcement

Now, mobile carriers, ISPs, and small to mid-sized enterprises have a simple compact solution for their DS0 cross-connect, multiplexing, and T1/E1 conversion needs -- all in a 1U box! Patton's Model 2604 Four Port T1/E1 Digital Access Cross-connect System provides powerful non-blocking cross connection, any-to-any channel assignment, and T1/E1 conversion. Featuring an intuitive web-based user interface, this stackable rackable box delivers up to 124 channels of 64 kbps voice or data. Each of four RJ-48C ports is customer configurable to support either T1 or E1 service  to network and local lines. Read the Full 2604 Product Announcement

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  Enjoy the Benefits of Partnership with Patton . . .

Whether you are an end user, VAR, integrator, or distributor, or carrier, Patton provides plenty of perks for our highly valued partners. Join now to get yours!

Cash in on the valuable benefits of partnership status. Register NOW! on Patton's Web site at

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