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NEW! Universal Mounting Panel
Model 3120 High-Density RAS
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2 January 2003

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Product News

Announcing . . . 
Patton's New 16-Bay Universal Mounting Panel!
Got MicroPaks? Now You Can Rack 'Em and Stack 'Em with Patton's
Model 1001MP16 Universal Mounting Panel!

Rack Your 'Paks. Those innovative Patton MicroPaks--customers love 'em! Now, instead of upgrading to rack cards, you can use Patton's Model 1001MP16 Universal Mounting Panel to convert your whole inventory of those cool little 'Paks into a convenient, cost-effective, rack-mount solution.

Compact & Convenient.
Measuring just two rack units (3.5") high, the sturdy Model 1001MP16 Universal Mounting Panel installs quickly and easily into any standard 19" rack and provides convenient mounting for any of Patton's 50-plus Micro-Pak products -- up to 16 per panel. Each of the 16 mounting bays is clearly numbered and includes a convenient dry-erase labeling block for identifying the port/circuit and/or application.

Product Features

  ˇ    Cost-Effective Rack Conversion
- Give Your MicroPaks an Upgrade to Rack-Mount
        - Rack-Mounts all Your Favorite Patton MicroPaks
        - Supports Single- or Multi-Function Configurations

  ˇ    Convenience Features
         - Dry-Erase Labeling Blocks
         - Clearly Numbered MicroPak Bays
         - Readily Identify Each Port/Circuit or Application

  ˇ    16 Independent Slots
         - Perform Adds, Moves or Changes
           Without Disturbing Installed Devices
         - Combine up to 16 Different MicroPaks, or . . .
         - Create a Bank of Channels/Ports/Conversions

  ˇ    Standard Dimensions
        - Fits Standard 19" Rack
        - 2U (3.5") high

  ˇ    Supports All 50-Plus Patton MicroPaks
         - RS-232 -to- Ethernet: Model 2120
         - Fiber -to- Ethernet: Models 1170S & 1170M
         - Twisted Pair-to-Coaxial E1: Model 460
         - Ethernet -to- T1/E1 NTU: Models 2121 & 2135C
         - Many, many more: See Patton Catalog

Cost-Effective Solution. For years Patton's popular MicroPaks have delivered amazingly-compact access and connectivity solutions for ISPs, TelCos, Medical, Industrial and many other environments. Whatever your favorite Patton MicroPaks, you can trust the new Model 1001MP16 to deliver a simple, convenient and cost-effective rack-mount solution . . .
Read the complete Product Announcement

Get your 1001MP16 Data Sheet (PDF).

Contact Patton Sales.

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Announcing Patton's New High-Density RAS!
Releases Model 3120 Next-Generation Remote Access Server with 96 or 120 V.92 / V.90 / ISDN / Dial-Up Ports


Boasting carrier-class features and built-in redundancy in a scaleable 1U chassis, Patton's Model 3120 Remote Access Server is designed for maximum uptime in Telecom, Enterprise, and Service Provider environments.

Dual-redundant hot-swappable power supplies protect against single-point power failures, while two 10/100-Mbps Ethernet ports cover load sharing and traffic balancing requirements. An optional expansion module enables ISPs to add dedicated DSL modem ports for increased revenue or asynch ports for terminal servers.

Product Features

120 modem connections with V.92 and V.110 support*  in a 1.75 inch high (4.45 cm) rack-mount box make this the highest density, lowest profile RAS available anywhere.
*available in software release 3.4.2

This red hot RAS rounds out Patton's award-winning RAS product portfolio and offers an ideal solution for applications such as remote access, telecommuting, or branch office connection.

Read the 3120 Product Web Page.

Contact Patton Sales.

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