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31 July 2002

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Whether you are an end user, VAR, integrator, or distributor, or carrier, Patton provides plenty of perks for our highly valued partners. Join now to get yours!

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V.92 Release 3.4.1BB Now Available To Beta Customers

Patton has just released the latest revision of V.92 software for the 2960, 2996, and 3120 RAS servers. Released July 3, 2002, this beta code will allow you to offer V.92 features to your new and existing customers with a simple, free software download. 

Highlights for this release include improved modem compatibility and enhancement of four key features.

  ˇ   Quick Connect    :    Get Online Faster
  ˇ   Modem On Hold    :   Get a Second Line Without the Cost
  ˇ   PCM Upstream    :   Faster Up-Links to the Net (up to 48 Kbps)
  ˇ   V.44 Compression     :   Get Higher Compression Rates with any V.90 or V.92 Capable Modem.

For more detailed information about V.92 from Patton, please visit:

Read the Release Notes. Get the software

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Product News

Introducing . . .

Wide Area Ethernet

Patton's LAN Extenders Make Ethernet the New Standard in Wide Area Networking

HIGH SPEED (16 Mbps) Ethernet Extension

  • Operates over 2-Wires (voice-grade wire)
  • Auto-sensing 10 or 100Base-T Ethernet Port
  • Auto-sensing Full or Half Duplex Ethernet
  • Plug-and-play Operation
  • Line Rates up to 16 Mbps

LONG RANGE (3 miles) Ethernet Extension

  • Operates over 2-Wires 
  • Full duplex at 2.3 Mbps
  • Easy to Configure
  • Simple to Operate

FIBRE Ethernet Extension

  • Extends Ethernet up to 30 km 
  • High Speed, up to 100 Mbps
  • Available in Multimode or Single Mode
  • Transparent to Protocol
  • Immune to Electromagnetic Interference






To view a product web page, CLICK the model number in the table above.

Multi-Mode FibreLink Products
Single Mode FibreLink Products

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Patton's Model 3120 is Ready for Your Network!
Order Now for August Delivery!

With Up To 96/120 Ports of V.92/V.90 RAS, Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports, and Hot-Swap Power Supplies, Patton's Model 3120 Re-Sets the Standard with the Highest Density 1U RAS Available Anywhere!

Model 3120 Web Page

Housed in Patton's trademark 1U chassis, The Model 3120 supports up to 96/120 simultaneous dial-up digital ISDN or analog V.92/V.90/K56Flex connections for the latest in Dial-Up access. The Model 3120 packs the power and the features you've asked for. The Model 3120 offers dual 10/100 Ethernet ports for flexible networking and service creation allowing load sharing and traffic balancing. For critical service uptime, the Model 3120's dual redundant Hot-Swap power supplies give you high-availability while protecting against single-point power failures.

With a flexible expansion module designed to scale with your customers' needs, the Model 3120 can support dial-up analog V.92, ISDN, dedicated xDSL*, fractional T1/E1 services, WAN uplinks, serial ports (like V.35) and advanced services such as VPN*. Enhanced services mean increased revenue opportunities, and a faster return on your RAS equipment investment.

Visit the Model 3120 web page for details. Contact your Patton representative now to place your orders.

* Expansion modules (VPN, WAN Uplinks, xDSL, etc.) are expected to be available at a future date.

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Patton Partnership Benefit
Training Discounts for Registered Channel Partners

Patton Channel Partners, when you register online at, your first student gets Patton Partner Training for HALF PRICE tuition and your second student's tuition is FREE!  Once you have registered, your regional Patton Rep will email your coupon to you. Partner Training equips VARs, distributors, and other partners for peak performance in their markets.

"The schedule is intense," said Glen Flowers, Patton's Product Marketing Manager, functioning as Master of Ceremonies for Partner Training events. "We pack five full days with presentations delivered by Patton's product managers, hands-on labs and demos led by our Tech Services team, and a full tour of our test and manufacturing facilities. Once our partners get these power tools, they're really ready to rock." Patton offers Partner Training once per quarter according to the schedule below.

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4




26 - 30 August

4 - 8 November


24 - 28 January

  19 - 23 May  

18 - 22 August

3 - 7 November

Space is limited for each engagement. Please contact Glen Flowers, Patton's Product Marketing Manager, for availability.

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Patton Partnership Benefit
25% Discount on RAS Enhanced Warranty

Now, when you register online as a Patton Partner, you get a free coupon worth 25% off the price of Patton's RAS Enhanced Warranty Service. Patton's Enhanced Warranty Service for RAS customers includes advance replacement with completely free shipping -- including pre-paid return shipping! 

For more information about Enhanced Warranty Service, please read the full Enhanced Warranty Announcement.

To enjoy all the valuable benefits of partnering with Patton, including your coupon for 25% off Enhanced Warranty Service, apply for your partnership status now. Visit Patton Partner Registration.

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Tech Note

Boost Your RAS Revenues With IP Filtering

RAS Customers: Did you know you can use filtering to boost revenues? Most often, people think of filtering as a security mechanism (it is). Yet you can also use filters to offer differentiated services to your dial-up users -- charging higher rates for your premium services. This new Patton Tech Note is hot-off-the-press -- just released today!

Get the brand new RAS Filtering Tech Note on Patton's online Information Base.

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