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28 June 2002

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The All New For 2002 Patton Catalog Is AVAILABLE NOW! 

Did you get yours? Our completely redesigned catalog is packed with useful application solutions, illustrated with splashy graphics, and features a fresh new look and feel. Patton's biggest catalog in the company's nearly 20-year history displays a full-sized 4-color format with over 220 pages containing and dozens of new products. Get Yours! 

Patton is known and trusted for the best Technical Support in the business. With this all-new catalog Patton adds a full new range of support and service offerings including extended warranty, depot repair, SLAs, advance replacement, training, installation and on-site services.

“We're very proud of our new catalog,” said Burton A. Patton, Patton's Executive Vice President. “It reflects the changes in our company over the year and shows our strength, despite a poor economy.  Get your catalog now! 

You can also Download Your Catalog, or the section(s) you need right here. Read the full New Catalog Press Release


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Patton Partners Get Training

28 June 2002, Gaithersburg, MD -- Today, six Patton Partners completed their training at Patton's Gaithersburg facility. Partner Training equips VARs, distributors, and other partners for peak performance each in their own market arena. Partners came from Germany, Algeria, South Africa and Florida to sharpen their tools -- gaining a deeper and broader knowledge of Patton's products and processes.

"The schedule is intense," said Glen Flowers, Patton's Product Marketing Manager, functioning as 'master of ceremonies' for the event. "We pack five full days with presentations delivered by Patton's product managers, hands-on labs and demos led by our Tech Services team, and a full tour of our test and manufacturing facilities. After the training, now these Patton Partners have real power tools."

Patton offers Partner Training once per quarter according to the schedule below.



          January 24 - 28    
      May 19 - 23    
      August 26 - 30        August 18 - 22   
November 4 - 8       November 3 - 7    

Space is limited for each engagement. Please contact Glen Flowers, Patton's Product Marketing Manager, for availability.

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Patton Partner Program

You can join the team!  Visit Patton Partner Registration on Patton's Web site to apply.

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Product News
   Are You Ready for "G-dot-S"?

Model 3201 G.SHDSL Router Now In Testing
Contact Your Patton Rep Now to Place Orders for July Delivery!

Patton's Model 3201 DiamondLinkTM Packs a G.SHDSL Customer Premise Modem and an IP Router into One Hot Little Box! 

Model 3201 Web Page
Model 3201 Datasheet (PDF)
Patton's new Model 3201 DiamondLinkTM  ipCPDSL router is now shipping to Beta Partner customers for testing.  Boasting full-duplex symmetric SHDSL rates to 2.3 Mbps, with available software upgrades to 4.6 Mbps over a single twisted pair, the Model 3201 is the next-generation standards-based DSL solution optimized for the small to mid-sized business. 

Combining standards-based transmission with high-speed IP routing, the Model 3201 ipCPDSL is perfect for bandwidth intensive Internet applications such as multimedia, LAN-to-LAN networking, and e-commerce. 

Need more details?
Visit the new Model 3201 web page and read the datasheet (PDF). Contact your Patton representative now for introductory pricing.

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G.SHDSL Integrated Access Device (Model 3086)
Now Taking Orders! 
Projected Shipping Date: August 2002.

Patton's Model 3086 ipRocketLinkTM Integrates Ethernet LAN, SHDSL, and Serial Access with High-Speed IP Routing in a Standalone Compact Package!

Model 3086 Web Page
Model 3086 Datasheet (PDF)

This low-cost plug-and-play Integrated Access Device (IAD) offers 2-wire nx64 SHDSL rates up to 2.3 Mbps (with s/w options for 4.6 Mbps) and reaches customers up to 32,000 feet (5.6 kilometers) away!  Providing three port integrated access, this device sets the new standard for customer premise network access equipment.

Each device integrates a DSL port, an Ethernet port with full routing capabilities, and one of the following:1) RJ-48C T1/E1 drop-and-insert, 2) DB-25 selectable X.21/V.35, or 3) DB-15 X.21 interfaces. With support for IP, ATM, Frame Relay, and PPP, the Model 3086 also features Web-Based management via SNMP and HTTP.

Need more information? Check out the new Model 3086 web page and datasheet (PDF). To place orders or obtain more information, contact your Patton representative today.

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New Services

Patton Announces Enhanced Warranty Service for RAS Customers

Customers Love Patton's Free Tech Support -- and Now They Can Get Even More!

Patton is pleased to introduce Enhanced Warranty Service for Remote Access Servers. Compare Patton's Standard Warranty with our Enhanced Warranty and see which is right for you. Whichever you choose, as always you get Patton's famous free technical support. Patton believes every RAS customer will benefit from having an Enhanced Warranty. Now, it's your choice to let us provide you the added protection and convenience of a Patton Enhanced Warranty!

Enhanced Warranty Highlights

 ·   Advance Replacements 
 ·   Patton Maintains Replacement Inventory
 ·   Patton Pays Shipping for Replacements
 ·   Patton Pre-Pays Return Shipping
 ·   Full 5-Year Warranty!
 ·   Low Introductory Price

Please read the full
Enhanced Warranty Announcement for details.


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Tech Notes

RAS: Working with SNMP OIDs

RAS Customers: This recent Tech Note explains how to build Object Identifiers (OIDs) for SNMP manageable elements of Patton RAS products. The printable, downloadable PDF shows a high-level diagram of Patton's enterprise management information base (MIB), and provides examples for two MIB objects with step-by-step procedures.

Read the SNMP OIDs Tech Note on Patton's online Information Base.

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