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Dear Friend of Patton,

I'll make this short. I just thought you should know some highlights about what's up at Patton this summer. It will only take a minute to learn about the new Patton white paper, free baluns promotion, upcoming events, and current special offers. Just keep reading...

New Telecom White Paper! Get it NOW!
Building a Bigger Pipe:
Inverse Multiplexing for Transparent Ethernet
Bridging over Bonded T1/E1s

The fast path to increased bandwidth...
T1/E1 bonding can close the current capabilities gaps in carrier and provider networks by employing Inverse multiplexing technology with jumbo Ethernet frames. This paper covers the rationale, key protocols and must-have features for Ethernet backhaul over bonded T1 or E1 circuits. Get your free copy...

G.703 Summer Balun Bonanza Offer Details...
Toolless IDC Balun Giveaway
photo of Patton's Model 431M Toolless IDC Balun
Model 431M
photo of Patton's Model 432M Toolless IDC Balun
Model 432M
photo of Patton's Model 432F Toolless IDC Balun
Model 432F
photo of Patton's Model 433MToolless IDC Balun
Model 433M
photo of Patton's Model 433F Toolless IDC Balun
Model 433F
All summer Patton is giving away toolless IDC baluns! Order any 16 G.703 balun ports by 29 August* and select any two Model 430 single-port IDC baluns at no extra charge. Includes all 14 models of Patton's G.703 baluns. With no limit on quantities you can stock up on Patton G.703 baluns and get as many IDC baluns as you want. *more info...
photo of Patton's Model 460 G.703 Balun Photo of Model 464RC G.703 Balun Panel
Model 460 Model 464RC
Order Now! Where to Buy. . .
Contact your local Patton Certified Distributor, or contact Patton directly as follows...
EU Headquarters(CH): Call +41 (31) 985 25 25 or
Email sales@patton-inalp.com
USA Headquarters: Call +1 301 975 1000 or
Email sales@patton.com

More Summer Specials for Patton Partners Promotion details...
Patton Partner Promotions for Q3 2008
Registered Partners can log in to take advantage of these great deals until 30 September 2008.*
Free 90-Day Trial on Bonded T1/E1 Inverse Mux
• Free VoIP Training with PRI VoIP Gateway
• 20% Off Ethernet-over-E1 Bridge
• 20% Off T1/E1 Extender Kits
• 25% Off Enhanced Warranty
For details, terms and conditions on all your Patton Partner promotions, go to patton.com/partner/login
*Partner Login Information. If you are a Patton Partner, we sent your username and password to you by US mail. If you need help logging in, please contact your assigned Patton Representative . If you're not yet a Patton Partner you can sign up here...

Meet Patton where you are. . . Full Event Schedule...
Trade Shows & Training Opportunities!
Check out the following sampling of upcoming events where you can meet key Patton people and update your skills...

What? Where? When? Venue?
people icon indicates sales training course

Trade Shows

see all trade shows...
Vorstellung der Soft-PBX Aastra 800 in Verbindung 19 August 802.lab Training & Workshop Center
Allnet ITK Solution Days 17áSeptember Stadthalle
ViennaTec 7áOctober Messe Wien. Hall C
Allnet ITK Solution Days 16áOctober Welcome Hotel
GULFCOMMS 19áOctober Dubai World Trade Centre
TeleNetFair 28áOctober Halle 2, Stand 2 (Trigon AG)
people icon indicates sales training course

Sales Certification Training
Niederwangen, Switzerland 8áSeptember Inalp Training Room
Prague, Czech Republic 20 October Venue To Be Announced
Syllabus Register Now! Click button to sign up for a course. request on-site course...
gears icon indicates technical training course

SmartNode™ Certification Training

see all SmartNode courses...
Niederwangen, Switzerland 10 September Inalp Training Room
Milano Italy (in Italiano) 17 September Milano - Training Center
Oslo Norway Scandinavia 24 September Scandinavia Training Center
Gaithersburg, MD, USA 8 October Patton Training Room
Prague, Czech Republic 22 October Prague Training Center
Barcelona Spain 5 November Barcelona Training Center
London UK 19 November London training center
Syllabus Register Now! Click button to sign up for a course.

Don't see the training date or location you need? Send us your training request...

Best regards,


W. Glendon Flowers
Product Marketing Manager
For bio-photo go to https://marketing.patton.com/email/images/glen.jpg IP video made easy. Stream IP video 6,000 feet over existing twisted pair. Go to https://www.patton.com/netnews/v8n1/#feature
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7622 Rickenbacker Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

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